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hello from hoop!

We are India’s first wellness brand for an active lifestyle! Does your body need relief and recovery after sports and workout? Does your back hurt right now? Has a headache ruined your day? We thought so! The new Indian is constantly trying to be their fittest self. But our bodies need some love too. Our wellness range is the answer India needs – relief and recovery products crafted with natural ingredients. With hoop, we empower you to Live Active.


When we Live Active, we are laser-focused. We achieve our goals and set new ones. We face challenges and present a tough fight. Movement is key.

#LiveActive means different things to everyone. Completing ten thousand steps a day or gymming it out. Whatever your movement of choice, we are all constantly on the move. Early morning workouts, daily grind, travelling wanderlust.

Where do we come in? While you live active, we are here to actively care for your wellness and help you be your best version.

With hoop, we want you to tap into your most active self every day #LiveActive

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From caring for our wellness, to taking care of yours. For two college kids who started dating in their teenage years, our lifestyles have come a long way!

Once a rare occurrence, headaches started knocking daily, our backs would hurt after a night of sleeping incorrectly. When we heard the same stories from young Indians, we realized we were not alone! But surely it would be easy to find solutions? Wow, were we wrong! It was slim-picking; everything smelled revolting and made us feel ancient.

Young, active Indians shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to feel their best. We have a new makeup or clothing ad shown to us every second. Why was nobody talking about feeling better?  Two stubborn problem-solvers at heart, we decided to build a brand that would make young India feel active.

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When working towards a goal, it feels like we’re going around in circles. You could be going to the gym every day, not seeing results, and wonder: what’s the point of all this hard work?

But progress is not linear. You’re actually jumping through hoops that take you miles from where you started. We realised health moves in the same hoops. So, we decided to call ourselves hoop.

We loved how the word rolled off the tongues, how everyone could pronounce it, and the positive and gender-neutral feeling it gave! Once a tiny seed of an idea, now a full-fledged dream: hoop!