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We are India’s first new-age brand for daily pains and recovery!

Why, you ask?

Because young India deserves better, newer products for the inconveniences that hold us back from living a fit lifestyle!

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Hear from hoopsters

Pampers my stress away

Such uplifting mornings! Lotion smells great and relaxes my body. Also super moisturizing - Shruti

Love my sleep routine

I've been using the magnesium sleep lotion daily post gymming to help muscles relax - Pratham

Feel good!

Stress mist makes me smile. It is now always at my work desk. Loving aromatherapy - Dhriti

Great for headaches

The headache roll on is a bag must have, like a lip balm! Helps after long screentime - Sargam

Calming before sleep

The sleep mist feels pleasant and it makes me feel calm just before my bedtime every night - Rohit

Perfect multitasker

I don't have hand cramps now. My hands feel soft and light even after long phone use - Anchal

Great for sports

I just shifted to cryotherapy pain roll on for my tournaments! Great for sports persons - Meenakshi

This works!

The pain spray always works! It leaves a cool sensation, no jalan and refreshing smell - Vicky


Convenient pain relief

This pain roll on will be my go to for neck pain. So easy to use and my hands don’t get dirty - Anant

Spa relax at home

The Epsom bodywash feels like a spa after a super tiring week. Like. a vacation. - Anchit