10 Simple At-Home Exercises

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We all want to be fit but also have little time for it. And when time is not a concern, the costly gym membership plans feel too high a commitment for beginners. The net result is often that we continue to live an unfit life just because exercise appears to be something we need to leave home to do. Well, what if we told you that there are some exercises you can do at home and attain the same physical fitness levels you would at the gym? Don’t believe us? Keep reading!


Start in a push up posture. Then, put your weight on your shoulders and elbows while keeping your back straight. Depending on your fitness level and physical strength, holding this position from 30 seconds to two minutes can tone your core muscles. This exercise brings numerous benefits, like improving balance, preventing back pain and injuries, and boosting metabolism.


Who hasn’t heard of squats? It is like doing a half-sit until your thighs are parallel to the ground while making 90 degrees angle to your feet. It strengthens the quads, glutes, and thigh muscles. Three sets of 10 squats each are enough to work those legs out for days!


Another beneficial exercise is push-ups, a powerhouse in developing chest and arm muscles. It is the most common and as-old-as-time (but still effective!) exercise that can be done by using one’s body weight. Initially, a beginner can do baby push-ups and then moves toward doing the real ones. Start with trying to do at least five and slowly up your count.

Mountain climbers

Get into a push-up posture and lift your weight onto your palms with elbows straightened up. With this posture, move your legs like you are climbing a mountain. It’s demanding but also incredibly effective! Doing three sets of 30 climbs will be enough to get you sweating.


Sit-ups are great not just for working those abs but also for overall fitness! Try doing two sets of 20 sit-ups and witness the magic; sorry, we mean the pain in your abdomen. But we promise it’ll be worth it!


This is as straightforward as it sounds: it’s just a simple jump, done repeatedly to elevate the heart rate and work your muscles. Jumping 100 times in a row at first and then gradually increasing the number of jumps by 50 every time will do wonders for your stamina!


We’ve all done them and have a love-hate relationship with them! It’s an exercise that works your entire body and greatly benefits overall fat-loss. Try completing 10 burpees in a row at first and then add more as you go!


Like burpees, this is also a complex exercise that works many muscles and requires a lot of effort. It is hard for beginners to do it correctly, but it can bring many benefits once mastered. Do them in 3 sets of 10 lunges per leg, and watch your leg muscles tighten!

Leg raises

This is a great exercise to tighten the inner thigh muscles and get a good burn without jumping or running. These are performed by lying on your back, raising your legs towards your abdomen while keeping them straight, and slowly bringing them down. It works your core muscles while toning up your legs as well. Try one set of 20 repetitions on your first try!

Bicycle crunches

This is also an exercise that targets your core and leg muscles. It helps in decreasing belly fat as well as strengthening your legs!

Combine some or all of these in your daily working out routine at home and get as good a burn on your yoga mat as you would at the gym!

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