Tips To Destress After A Long Day

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You know that feeling when you’ve had an extremely long and stressful day and can’t seem to get your brain to turn off? We’ve all been there!

The end of the day is when you're so exhausted that you only want to crawl into bed and go straight to sleep. But after several long hours at work or school, it can be challenging to unplug and let go of all the stress and anxiety you accumulated throughout the day. Whether or not your daily routine involves high amounts of stress and pressure, finding ways to relax and unwind after work is essential. This means plugging off for real — not planning the next day or fretting about meetings that will happen next week. And while it is often a struggle to take a break at the end of a long, hard day, here are some quick and easy tips that will help put your brain on pause and rest mode.

Take a hot shower

A hot shower is the most obvious place to start with our list of practical ways to relax after a long day. There's nothing quite like standing under a stream of warm water after a long day of work to soothe your muscles and wash away the stress. It’s also a great way to clear your mind and release the day's worries and pressures. By adding aromatherapy oils to your shower routine, you can get that extra boost of stress relief that you need at the end of the day! A hot shower can lull you into a relaxation that's almost impossible to replicate any other way — this is our go-to method. Adding our Epsom-infused body wash to your nightly shower routine might add that extra pump of relaxation!


Meditation is a universally applicable way to relax and unwind. It’s free, needs no tools or equipment, and can be done from any quiet corner of your room! You might be surprised by how quickly you can feel the benefits, especially if it is your first time trying. The best way to start a meditation practice is to find a guided meditation audio on YouTube and follow along, breathing in and out on instruction. You can also ride solo — set a ten-minute timer on your phone and focus on your breathing until the timer runs out! Meditation relaxes your brain and body momentarily at first, but continuously practicing it can improve your overall ability to handle daily stressors.


Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and boost physical health. Whether it be joining a gym, taking up a sport, or even taking a quick walk around the block, the benefits are countless! This is because exercising releases endorphins — the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and relaxed. It can also help you sleep better and improve your anxiety-handling capacity, all in addition to boosting your physical fitness, appearance, and health indicators. There is no reason to skip a workout, is there?


Writing things down is an underrated way of facing and dealing with our feelings. This is a good activity if you often find yourself feeling anxious or too emotionally raw to be able to meditate. Journaling might be a great release if you continuously think about things that stress you out. Whether you like writing or not, it is a habit that everyone should inculcate to develop a greater understanding of your emotions — what makes you happy, sad, angry, or worried!

Listen to music

Who hasn’t put on their earphones and forgotten the world outside even exists? Music is one of the best ways to distract yourself from the effects of a long, hard day. As your brain focuses on the lyrics or the symphony, it can help clear your mind so that the same thoughts of the workday don’t swirl. It can also be a good tool for exploring your emotions and dealing with anxiety, depression, and other complicated situations. The best part? You can club this with additional stress-relieving activities like journaling, walking, or blasting your playlist in the shower!

Go for a walk

A short walk is a fantastic mental and physical break from whatever you’re doing and can help you feel refreshed and relaxed while putting in little to no effort. Walking outside can also be a great way to get some fresh air and sunlight after spending hours indoors in an office or classroom. The sunlight can help boost your mood and energy levels by helping increase the vitamin D levels in your body! When you're walking, you can focus on your surroundings and let your mind wander or use the walk to do some light meditation.

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Not only are warm beverages relaxing to the throat, but they're also a great way to unwind. Whether it be tea or a wintry cup of hot chocolate, this is an easy hack to cheer you up after a long day! Coffee and tea are both rich in antioxidants. They can help reduce inflammation in your body, which further aids stress relief — but you should ideally avoid relying on coffee closer to your bedtime for the risk of it disrupting your sleep.

Read a good book

Reading is a great way to unwind and clear your head while exploring new ideas, worlds, and characters. A good book is like a vacation from your hectic life without the need to travel anywhere! Haven’t we all felt lost in a great story and forgotten everything else for a bit?

Talk to a good friend

Sometimes, we need to get our feelings off our chest — especially after a day that has been hectic on the brain and body. Having a trusting friend with whom you can unload can come in handy during these moments. Be sure to ask permission before, ensuring your friends have the mental bandwidth to provide you with a listening ear! Not only is talking your feelings out a great way to feel less bottled up and overwhelmed, but it can also help ease feelings of loneliness.

In the end, having a good or bad day is not always in our control. But we always have the power to change how we approach any type of day that is thrown at us. You can try our Sleep lotion and mist as well as our Stress lotion and mist as a part of your night-routine, to dissolve your fatigue with pure-blend aromatherapy!

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